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Teaching is a noble profession but to maintain its nobility and graciousness, it is necessary for each of us to feel the prime responsibilities of building the nation through teaching and training of prospective and in service teachers. A professional teacher is bound to educate, civilize, guide and nurture the youth in a very positive manner. To achieve this great goal each of us must demonstrate an extraordinary commitment and devotion to....Read more

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The Institute was established as normal School in 1964. In the beginning different building in Satellite Town (Rwp) were hired for the institution. After seventeen years of excellent performance it become an exemplary institution and was given the name of "Govt. College for Elementary Teachers". It was shifted to be present building in May, 1982 which has been constructed by the cooperation of the World Bank. It is well equipped with the advance technology of teaching. P.T.C and C.T teacher training programmes were run till 1993-1994. In 1994-1995 only O.T and D.M programmes were run as P.T.C and C.T training was banned by the Government of Punjab. In 1997-1999 C.T and O.T ....Read More